15 July 2007

Brown Forman & Guala Closures: a very good and long-term partnership that results in prizes and awards for both

“Barrel Head” awards for Guala Closures Italy and North America!

Guala Closures Group has been awarded the Jack Daniel’s Supplier Excellence Award for fiscal year 2007 (May 06 – April 2007).
Guala Closures is the 2007 recipient of the coveted Jack Daniels “Barrel Head” Award.
This performance programme was established in 2003 and during its 4-year existence has only been awarded twice.
Guala Closures Italy has performed superbly over the past 12 months as highlighted by the following:
– 100% on-time delivery
– 5 Sigma quality level
– No repeat defects
– No chargebacks

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