PET product line

The PET product line comprises the production of bottles, containers, jars, flasks and miniatures with volumes ranging from 20 ml to 5 litres and neck finishes ranging between 18 mm and 110 mm, thanks to a combination of state of the art equipment and both one or two step processes.

In addition to the standard transparent colour, we are able to produce our entire product range in an array of different, almost opaque colours depending on the individual needs and requirements of our customers.

Thanks to our large range of products, we are able to meet the demands of various different market sectors: spirits, beverages, oil and vinegar, food, personal hygiene and pharmaceutical.


The PET product line operates by applying the most rigorous testing of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, ensuring the highest quality for our customers.
The company uses only polymers carefully selected and controlled by the Quality Department, which uses laboratories equipped with the most modern analysis tools.
The plastics materials used by Guala Closures follow a careful and controlled process of approval and are suitable for contact with food.


All departments of our PET division work with the same primary target: to fully satisfy the customer requirements in quality, price and timing.
The rigorous control of our production processes guarantees uniformity of production. The continuous monitoring of logistics, product storage and distribution, allows us to guarantee on time delivery.

Many years of experience and market knowledge, have allowed us to distinguish ourselves as a serious and reliable company of the highest competitive level