GCL Pharma is able to offer a wide range of solutions, often customised to meet the needs of the customer and the market. The range includes plastic and aluminium closures, rubber caps, single-dose vials and containers in PET in an infinite range of colours, shapes, sizes and materials.


GCL Pharma offers a customised approach, keeping in step with changes and new trends and providing all of the support needed.


The Company invests resources and makes significant efforts to fully understand its customers’ requirements and to provide them with innovative solutions, with the support of the R&D facilities and the know-how of the Guala Closures Group.


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  • Central and lever tear-off aluminium caps
  • Total tear-off aluminium caps
  • Flip Off central tear-off & Ann Twist caps
  • Flip Off ring caps


  • Flip Off central tear-off & Ann Twist caps
  • Central tear-off aluminium caps


  • Total tear-off aluminium caps
  • Flip-off total tear-off caps
  • Total tear-off PE caps & Biphasic kits
  • PFP aluminium screwcaps
  • Childproof PFP aluminium caps


  • Standard & LIO

Screw neck PET

  • Single dose
  • Bottles

Ring neck PET

  • Single dose