Since 2011, we have been measuring and analysing the performance of our sustainability programme by means of a series of key indicators and objectives.


Guala Closures first Sustainability Programme closed in 2015 with an extremely positive balance sheet. Of the Group’s 23 set objectives:


  • 15 objectives achieved and often outperformed (9 Environmental, 2 Social, 4 Economic)
  • 3 objectives partially achieved (1 Environmental, 1 Social, 1 Economic)
  • 2 objectives not achieved (1 Environmental, 1 Social)
  • 2 objectives eliminated: one not pertinent one considered not useful
  • 1 objective suspended in 2014 because no longer applicable


A table complete with the figures for the 23 objectives identified for 2011-2015  and their status can be downloaded


Guala Closures has developed its programme of sustainable development through the application of 6 “best practices” implemented in our Italian plants. This programme, launched in 2011, has enabled us to achieve important objectives and milestones.


The 6 “Best Practices”:


– Commitment and involvement of everyone


– Creation of a dedicated work team, the ComOp


– Identification of strategic indicators and precise objectives


– Creation of data management tools and procedures


– A serious training and internal communication programme


– Annual publication of the Sustainable Development report