Management tools


Guala Closures Group is continuously developing innovations and technologies to anticipate the needs of a market that is changing increasingly rapidly, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality of products and services.


With the objective of total customer satisfaction, Guala Closures Group has developed an organisation and production model based on the continuous improvement of the quality parameters imposed by international certification ISO 9001 (23 production plants, 92% at the end of 2014) also achieved through an internal policy focused on reaching important milestones:


• invest constantly in research and innovation


• exceed customer expectations  in the improvement of services


• analyse and anticipate market requirements


• always meet the deadlines agreed for order management and delivery


• adopt the strictest hygiene standards, meeting the requirements of HACCP and ISO 22000


• codify and apply control procedures and constantly innovate production processes


• integrate suppliers into the quality system of Guala Closures Group,  by means of a specific policy and by creating partnerships


• reduce the costs of “non quality”


• motivate personnel by providing continuous training and by paying the utmost attention to the professional and personal needs of each one


• apply “Continuous Improvement Total Quality” to all procedures, the quality system designed and implemented by Guala Closures Group and adopted in all of the Group’s production units.



Guala Closures Group pays constant attention to the safety aspects of its products, in particular as regards standards of hygiene and cleanliness, in order to guarantee customers and final consumers the highest levels of protection.
In this regard, Guala Closures Group has adopted a specific system to manage and classify production procedures with relation to Hygiene & Health.

The system envisages the application of GPM – Good Manufacturing Practice – as well as Risk Assessment techniques that are fundamental to identifying and remedying any problems.

The rigorous parameters adopted by the system refer to the requirements of ISO 22000 standard – Management System for Food Safety; Guala Closures Group is strictly applying all of the standards envisaged by the protocol, a fundamental choice to guarantee the total protection of food products.

Guala Closures has already obtained certification for 10 production plants (40% at the end of 2014)  and intends to continue with the implementation process.


Sedex is an international organisation that has set up a platform between customers and suppliers to share ethical and responsible practices. Guala Closures has been a member of this organisation since 2008 and, through the data it provides by means of an SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) its customers can access specific information.


At the end of 2014, the 76% of the Group’s plants are registered in this platform.


The set of information that can be consulted on the Sedex website enables companies to exchange information regarding four main areas: labour rights, health, safety, the environment and commercial practices.



Guala Closures has developed a tool for the management and analysis of environmental data: “TEA” (Tool for Environmental Analysis).

This tool, in addition to the calculation of CO2 emissions for the plants, also allows the creation of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) i.e. the analysis of environmental impacts for each stage of production of a product. To date, an LCA of aluminum closures for wine and closures for the olive oil have already been done.