carbon offset projects

In 2012, Guala Closures Group offset the CO2 emissions generated by the production of 500 million wine screwcaps through a reforestation project in Peru.



The project was based in the national reserve of Yanayacu-Maquia, in the Loreto region, province of Requena, district of Sarayacu and Maquia, in north-west Peru (click to download the PDF of the report).


30,000 trees were planted to offset  6,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, corresponding to the production of 500 million screwcaps.


Implemented and coordinated by 2 NGOs – Biodiversité Amazonienne and Association Up2green – and supervised by Ecocert Environnement, this Peruvian project encompassed the three dimensions of sustainability:


Environmental benefits:
reforestation of an area in corso di desertificazione, with the objective of restoring the ecosystem.
Social benefits:
involvement and improvement of the standard of living of 2 local communities – over 100 people – through: employment, training to manage the project, fulfilment of primary energy, food and medicinal requirements


Economic benefits:
guarantee of a wage for the work performed and income from the sale of the agricultural products.