Guala Closures’ commitment to sustainability  has today become a central theme for our activities and our choices. We firmly believe that the objective of our work must be to create shared value, which encompasses the three areas of sustainability (environmental, social and economic).


Our tangible commitment started in 2011 with our Italian plants. We sought to build a benchmark model which could then be gradually extended to all of the Group’s branches, by combining our winning values such as excellence and innovation with sustainability.


Since then, we have come a long way. We have developed a programme based on the application of 6best practices”, starting with the creation of an internal team – called “ComOp” – in which all company functions are represented. Under my guidance, its task is to stimulate and facilitate the implementation of a programme  of measures which will enable us to reach our objectives.


We believe that people are fundamental to the success of this programme; all of the human resources in all company departments are a pillar of our programme and we believe that their involvement is fundamental, achieved through training and internal communication, essential tools to which we direct our efforts and investments.


Guala Closures adopts a long-term strategy and publishes an annual Sustainability Report, which clearly states our objectives and the results achieved.


Franco Bove COO – Guala Closures Group