Marco Giovannini

Chairman & CEO

Franco Bove

COO & Director


On 2018, we became officially listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, a step forward that will allow us to develop our innovative products even faster. All this would not be possible without the fundamental glue, our Sustainability Plan.

There is no future without sustainable development, so we must continue to strive to improve our practices in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way.


To achieve our goal of sustainable growth, we have a number of challenges to address, including: energy consumption and the use of green energy, the rational and sustainable use of raw materials, the safety and welfare of workers, and the information and satisfaction of our customers.


Our commitment is not a recent development: back in 2011 we placed social responsibility as the heart of our economic development, initially in Italy and then gradually in all our companies around the world. We are proud of the results we have achieved in recent years, thanks to the high quality of work of all the employees involved.


We continue to work on successfully achieving our goals. Our strategy focuses on the three pillars of sustainability (planet, people and business) and was sealed by a materiality assessment in 2016. Our teams gather the Group’s CSR indicators on a monthly basis all over the world, in order to monitor the results achieved against the objectives we aim to attain. We will continue on to report on our activities and results with the utmost transparency, as we have demonstrated since 2011 to all our colleagues and external stakeholders, thanks to our annual Sustainability Report and now also through our Integrated Reporting.


We have done a lot in the last seven years. We have used the word “commitment” often and we believe that this is a particularly strong concept which is worth developing. We all need to undertake, from our Chief Executive Officer to all the people in our factories, to ensure that by 2022, at the end of this other big step forward, we can achieve all the goals we have set for ourselves.


We want to be recognized as “social fabric developers” because this will allow us to build a better future not only for ourselves and our families, but also for our children and grandchildren.


That is why we want to develop our Sustainability Programme even more swiftly!