INDIA 2013

In 2013, Guala Closures Group offset the CO2 emissions generated by the production of 1 billion wine screwcaps through the reforestation project in India.


In 2013, Guala Closures took part in a large-scale reforestation project in India, designed and launched several years earlier by the local Government of Bihar, the poorest state in India. 80,000 trees were planted, which Guala Closures funded the purchase of, while the state of Bihar subsidized the planting.


The “Guala Closures” project was undertaken in collaboration with NGO Up2green Reforestation, with the local support of Green Leaf Energy and under the supervision of the certification body Ecocert Environnement. The choice of India was not coincidental: Guala Closures actually has three production plants there.


The project incorporated the three dimensions of sustainability generating environmental, social and economic benefits for the local communities.

  • Environmental benefits: offsetting of 20,000 tonnes of CO2, around 73 hectares planted with the recovery of the natural ecosystem. 17 different types of fruit trees were planted (40% mango, the remainder: bael, guava, lemon, pomegranate, jamun, gooseberry), increasing biodiversity.


  • Social benefits: improvement in the quality of life of local communities, which are involved in the work of preserving the environment and made aware of the benefits of safeguarding it. 1,600 families participated in the project, involving around 3,200 people in total. Each family was given the job of planting 50 trees and looking after their growth for the next 5 years.


  • Economic benefits: development of the local economy thanks to the consideration received for the work of safeguarding the trees. The fruit produced can be consumed by the families involved or can be sold, therefore generating further income.

80,000 trees planted

20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide offset

Work and income for more than 1,600 families

Benefits biodiversity and eco-systems

Project coordination Up2green Reforestation and Green Leaf Energy