In 2018, we supported the project launched with Up2green and local associations. 35,000 trees of 27 different species have been planted in 5 ‘areas’ (San Marcos, San Juan, Sipche, Tinuncah), involving over 150 families.

In July, Hector Corcuera, Country Director of Guala Closures Mexico, went to visit the plantations and meet with local associations and communities.


Reforestation will help maintaining the fertility of the soil providing organic matter and protect it from drying thanks to the shade of the leaves. The Yucatan forest is particularly fragmented due to population growth and to the development of infrastructures. Developping sustainable agroforestry systems will finally provide long-term resources to the participating farmers.


. 100,000 trees will be planted between 2018 and 2020 in Yucatan

. 15,000 tonnes of Carbon dioxide will be offset

. Work and income for more than 400 families

. Benefits biodiversity and ecosystems

. Project coordination Up2green Reforestation and Local support of NGOs

MEXICO 2018-2020

Guala Closures Group is involved in a three-year sustainable development project, from 2018 to 2020, in Yucatan, Mexico. This reforestation project is designed and managed by Up2green Reforestation whose goal is to partially offset the company’s CO2 emissions.


Our main objectives with this project are to:

  1. Plant 100,000 trees in the Yucatan department, from 2018 to 2020 to compensate 15,000 tonnes of Carbon dioxide.
  2. Support indigenous Mayan populations to protect their environment. The Yucatan forest of the peninsula is one of the world biodiversity hotspots where ecological actions are needed to preserve it from degradation.
  3. Improve the living conditions of the communities, contributing to their food self-sufficiency, promoting complementary productive activities, diversifying agricultural production.