30 November 2010

Guala Closures Group at Vinitech 2010

Guala Closures Group launched their new first Tamper Evident closure at Vinitech, held from 30th November to 2nd December 2010 in Bordeaux (France).

Roll On TE isthe first Tamper Evident system specifically dedicated to standard aluminium closures. A simple, economic and safe solution to detect at a glance tampering of the closure.

Created through a technological innovation that required over a year of research, Roll On TE ensures that, after first opening and closing, there appears a coloured plastic ring that can’t be removed without visibly damaging the closure.

Roll On TE is the right choice for spirits and wine producers who want to defend their brand image and the consumer from counterfeiting attempts, without modifying the closure aesthetic and with a negligible price difference.

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