26 May 2009

Save The Wines

“The latest spate of erroneous claims made by certain cork producers means that we cannot afford to remain silent any longer,” explains the company’s Global Wine Co-ordinator, Alessandro Bocchio. “This website,, and the film, Screwcaps For a Simple Life, are our way of getting the message across to the Trade and Consumer that screwcaps can be kind to both wines and the environment. Aluminium screwcaps are easy to use, safeguard quality and can be recycled.”
Extracted from bauxite, aluminium is the third most abundant naturally occurring element after oxygen and silicon. In fact, your wine screwcaps is very probably produced from aluminium that other people have put into the recycling bin – including other screwcaps!
Aluminium closures are a secure, recyclable and reasonably priced product that can be manufactured in large quantities. Production plants can be set up very close to the markets where screwcaps are required, no matter how remote the location. This significantly reduces the need for long-haul transportation and associated CO2 emissions.
Aluminium screwcaps offer the best cost-ratio. They work out roughly 80% cheaper per unit than cork. This ability to create a product at a reasonable cost and with the best functional characteristics benefits not only closure manufacturers but the entire supply and also millions of end consumers.

Choose aluminium closures and savethewines!

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