2 July 2007

First NR Olive Oil closure 1031TE: Hurrah for Sicily!

A new product called “1031 TE olio” has been launched in the Italian market and it is destined to the high quality olive oil.
Thanks to its non refillable system, the closure “1031 TE olio” abides by the Italian Regulation nr. 2 dated 10th January 2006 that does not allow the topping up of the olive bottles present in the distribution channel HO.RE.CA.
With this system both consumers and producers will be guarded, the former will have the security of using the product described in the label and the latter will have the safeguard of the quality of their products against the risks of refilling with other oils.
Moreover, the closure has a dedicated pourer “drop-cut” that avoids the leaking of the oil all over the bottle after the pouring.
The first company to use the closure 1031TE oil is Vincenzo Padova & Co. from Ispica, Sicily. They will bottle their extra-virgin oil with the brand “Mastri di San Basilio” and the two lines of products “Due Sicilie e Riserva”.

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