5 June 2018

Guala Closures Chile participated to “VSPT Innovation Supplier Expo”

“VSPT Innovation Supplier Expo” is the annual forum which allows Viña San Pedro suppliers to showcase their cutting-edge innovations dedicated to the wine sector. The event took place on June 6th in the beautiful “Sala de Arte” at VSPT winery, located upon the foothills of the Andes mountain range in the Requinoa province, just one hour and a half from Santiago.    

It was the opportunity to present to the visitors our screwcap range for wine, in particular “premium” solutions such as WAK and SAVIN PREMIUM, but aslo to introduce “e-WAK®, the first NFC integrated aluminium closure for wine” featuring an NFC tag inside the closure. With a simple tap on the cap, the NFC technology generates consumer engagement, track and trace, authenticity certification and marketing data acquisition.

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