17 March 2017

Guala Closures Group at Propak East Africa

From March  7th, for two consecutive days , Guala Closures Group has taken part  in PROPAK East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.

This exhibition has given the possibility to Guala Closures South Africa, with the incredible  support of the Teams from Italy, Poland and India to showcase a great variety of products which primarily focused on the innovative range of safety closures, designed to prevent counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting constitutes a  growing concern worldwide and remains in Africa, most importantly, a major issue; where more than half of the alcohol consumed (sub-Saharan Africa)  is estimated  counterfeited each year  (World Health Organisation – more info)

More specifically, two products of excellence have been dedicated to brand protection:

  • Roll On Te is the first Tamper Evident system specifically dedicated to standard aluminium closures.It’s a simple, economic and safe solution to detect at a glance tampering of the closure thanks to a coloured plastic ring that appears only after the first opening and can’t be removed without visibly damaging the closure itself.
  •  The Nip Cap, is a simple two piece plastic closure secured by a special tear-off tamper evident band. The closure features a patented tamper evident system which allows the consumer to open the bottle by removing the unique tear-off band, making tampering of the bottle evident once the band has been removed.
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