10 April 2014


During this year’s Alufoil Trophy competition, organized by EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association),  Guala Closures has been awarded with 4 trophies.


VERSO,  the new closure system for edible oils, was awarded with two Alufoil Trophies for the “Consumer Convenience” and the “Technical Innovation” categories.  VERSO features a plastic spout integrated into an aluminium screwcap for standard edible oils bottles.  VERSO, thanks to its telescopic pourer, offers an excellent pouring speed and precise dosage control while a patented non-drip spout avoids any leaking on the bottle.


SAVIN PREMIUM, awarded in the category “Marketing + Design”, is a winning combination of aluminium outer shell and aluminium inner cap with patented thread, not visible from the outside. This in-house innovation is a high quality screwcap dedicated to still wines, suitable for standard glass bottles.


WIT (Wine In Tube), has been developed by Wit France ( in partnership with Guala Closures as a new concept for quality wines and spirits which is a “totally original merging materials” according to the Alufoil Trophy judges. WIT is a patented glass tube sealed with a crimped aluminium closure; it can be an original gift pack, a highly distinctive sample or an unusual display for retailers. WIT received an award for the category “Marketing + Design”.


You can download the full press release here Alufoil Trophy 2014 Summary

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