10 May 2011


Guala Closures Group, world leader in the manufacture of aluminium screwcaps, has obtained the ‘top’ label – an eco-responsible label for liquid food packaging – for the annual production of its DIVINUM (30×60) wine screwcaps from its plant in Italy.

This result follows an audit by Ecocert Environnement* – one of the French government’s accredited independent environmental certification agencies – which ensured that Guala Closures’ production complied with the stringent set of objective, accurate and measurable criteria to obtain the ‘top’ label**.

These criteria include assurances of quality, safety and hygiene – in particular proof of the inviolability of the closure and absence of biological or chemical pollutants. Above all, the ‘top’ label guarantees a concrete commitment to the reduction of energy consumption and use of ‘clean’ energies in the manufacturing process, and certifies that 100% of CO2 emissions generated during manufacture (based on a full lifecycle analysis) have been offset.

Guala Closure’s Anne Seznec comments, “For a while now the trade has been a-buzz with the environmental claims of various companies regarding their closures. The ‘top’ label now speaks for us – not only does it guarantee quality, safety and hygiene, but it is also proof of our long-standing and genuine commitment to sustainability.”

* Ecocert Environment is the commercial name of the ‘ECOPASS SAS’ certification body, licensed for the certification of management systems for quality and the environment available on (

**The ‘top’ label has been developed by the TOP Association – a non-profit association open to professionals, experts and distributors in the conditioning and protection of packaging for the liquid food sector.

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