18 July 2012


With the attendance of the Health Minister, Renato Balduzzi and the Chairman of Confindustria, Giorgio Squinzi

Centralised processing of the aluminium used in Guala Closures worldwide
Possibility to transform up to 25,000 tonnes of aluminium for the production of 7.5 billion beverage closures per year
The first sustainability report issued with objectives for up to 2015
Total investment of € 18 million and 64 resources employed

Today, with the attendance of the Health Minister, Renato Balduzzi, the Chairman of Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi, the Mayor of Magenta, Marco Invernizzi and the Deputy Chairman of Unicredit, Fabrizio Palenzona, the extension of the Magenta (MI) plant of the Guala Closures Group, the Italian multinational world leader in the production of closures for spirits, wine, soft drinks, oil-vinegar and pharmaceutical products, was inaugurated.

The Group, which recorded a turnover of € 418 million in 2011 and operates globally in 16 countries through 25 production plants, decided to invest in Italy by adding a new production unit to an existing plant in Magenta (MI) to centralise the processing of the aluminium used by all Guala Closures plants worldwide that produce closures for wine, spirits, oil and vinegar, including Argentina, Australia, China, Great Britain, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, the Ukraine and the two Italian plants in Torre d’Isola and Termoli.

The overall investment for the Magenta plant, which employs 64 resources, was € 18 million. After a start-up phase of a few months, the Guala Closures Group expects to hire additional workers when the plant is fully operational and production capacity can be increased.

“I am particularly proud today to be inaugurating a centre of excellence in Italy – stated Marco Giovannini, newly appointedCavaliere del Lavoro(Captain of Industry, the highest honours awarded in industry) Chairman and Managing Director of the Guala Closures Group – which also bears witness to the courage to invest in a totally new technology, unique in the packaging sector. An important sign, above all in a historic period of such great difficulty for business in Italy. The new plant in Magenta – added Giovannini – is a flagship in aluminium processing, which will enable the Group to achieve higher production efficiency and to guarantee customers products of the highest quality in terms of respecting the environment”.

When fully operational, the new Magenta plant will transform up to 25,000 tonnes of aluminium sheet for the estimated production of around 7.5 billion beverage closures per year (the Group produces 12 billion closures in total per year) and 1 billion other closures that have metal components. Furthermore, the plant is able to treat the surface and degrease the aluminium before it is processed and pressed, without the use of chromium, and is equipped with a system to recover the acids used in the degreasing phase able to neutralise and transform them into water, significantly reducing special waste.

In addition to the aluminium processing plant, the facility in Magenta will also be used for the decoration of the metal sheets and boasts a machine for lithography that uses a technology for drying through UV rays, and can decorate in up to six colours simultaneously, with high precision in the design of the customer’s brand name and avoiding the emission of solvents into the atmosphere. A cutting-edge plant, therefore, which represents an important milestone in terms of environmental sustainability and a forerunner for any future legislation in environmental protection.

The new investment made in the Magenta plant is a clear demonstration of the eco-responsible commitment of the Guala Closures Group which, on the occasion of the inauguration, presented its first sustainability report for 2011, which provides information based on 12 strategic indicators relating to the environment, health and safety and production efficiency as well as describing the Groups medium-term objectives in a transparent and unambiguous way to its stakeholders, starting with its employees. The report refers to the Italian production sites of Guala Closures and will gradually be extended to the Group worldwide. The document will be published annually with a view to illustrating the results actually achieved.

The following table summarises the indicators and the objectives of the Guala Closures Group for sustainable development.

Scope of reference Italy




RESOURCES Energy consumption Total energy consumption broken down by source
  • To reduce energy consumption by 10% per unit of finished product
  • To favour suppliers with the largest percentage of renewable energy
Italy 2015
Raw materials Use of raw materials, packaging, parts and semi-finished goods, ancillary materials
  • To reduce the consumption of raw materials per unit of finished product by 15%
  • reduce scrap by 5% per annum To increase the percentage of use of recycled aluminium
Italy 2015
Water consumption Water consumption by source and relative uses
  • To develop water saving projects
  • To reduce the consumption of water not related to production
Italy 2015
EMISSIONS Emissions of greenhouse gases Total greenhouse gas emissions To conduct an assessment of greenhouse gas emissions Italy 2013
Waste Total production of waste by type and final treatment
  • To reduce the quantity of waste generated per unit of finished product by 5%
  • To reduce the % of hazardous waste with respect to total waste produced
Italy 2012
Transport Transport of semi-finished goods between production sites and of products to customers To rationalise and optimise internal and customer transport flows Italy 2015
HEALTH AND SAFETY Health and safety Total number of accidents in the workplaceand frequency/gravity indices To reduce the accident frequency indicator by 10% compared to 2011 Italy 2012
TRAINING Training and continuous improvement Training hours per employee
  • To provide 15% of training hours per employee on environmental issues
  • To expand training programmes for internal resources
Italy 2012
DIDIVERSITY Diversity Breakdown of resources by type To establish a global personnel recruitment, training and management policy that integrates and safeguards cultural and social diversity Italy 2015
ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY Production efficiency Production effectiveness of machinery (OEE) To improve global OEE by 5% Italy 2012
PRODUCT RESPONSIBILITY Innovation Number of active and new patents To develop 3-4 innovative patentable ideas each year Group 2015
Customer satisfaction % of customer satisfaction and complaints
  • Portare l’OTIF oltre 85%- Ridurre allo 0,3% i reclami ricevuti dai clienti
  • To reduce customer complaints to 0.3%
Group 2012
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