4 April 2016

Guala Closures India in the social dimension

“From school to the fields” is far-reaching original project in the spheres of education

and the environment, which will be

implemented in two Indian states, Gujarat and Goa, where Guala Closures has three

production plants.

This socio-environmental programme has two objectives:

–       To raise awareness and involve young students in elementary and secondary
in areas related to environmental protection, climatic change and waste

–       To provide sound educational support to local communities that are faced
with the deterioration of their environment every day.

As regards education, over 300 classes and 15,000 students aged between 9 and 13

will be involved. An educational kit has been developed (My Class, my Forest) to make them reflect in the classroom on the importance of safeguarding and respecting the environment. Furthermore, they will gain awareness in the field of plastic management and disposal, the material used by Guala Closures India to make its closures.


“One student, one tree”.

From the schools, we then move to the fields. During the session in the classroom, each student will choose where to plant a tree on a map that shows the location of 16 villages in the Gujarat, where a total of 15,000 trees will be planted by the local communities.

The reforestation programme, designed carefully by agronomic engineers and local

experts, envisages planting fruit trees and at least 20% forest species, preferably indigenous. The entire project, which has been designed and coordinated by the NGO Up2green Reforestation, involves three non-governmental Indian organisations, specialized in educational projects for schools and reforestation programmes.


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