18 April 2016


As every year the Alufoil Trophy competition, organized by EAFA,the European Aluminium Foil Association, has awarded several products that enhance the versatility of aluminum in all its uses and shapes.

The categories in competition are five:

Consumer Convenience; Marketing and Design; Product Protection; Resource Efficiency; and Technical Innovation.

Guala Closures is among the Alufoil Trophy 2016 winners in the category Marketing and design, thanks to the “SUNRISE” closure. The Sunrise closure, designed by the R & D Group  department and produced by Beijing Guala Closures was adopted first by APU COMPANY, a Mongolia’s customer for some vodka, but it is already available now for the Asian market.

The news of this cap is in its technical and aesthetic features. As it regards the technique consists of the tamper evident system that allows the consumer, through  a tear off band, to interact with the closure and at the same time to control the possible tampering of the bottle. Furthermore, to avoid refilling with other liquids, the closure Sunrise is equipped with an internal valve. The closure is characterized by a beautiful design thanks to the graphic on the top and on the side. The aluminum cap can actually be customized in different heights, colors and graphics in hot foil, screen printing, embossing / debossing. For its technical and aesthetic features, the Sunrise closure adopted by APU COMPANY is a better guarantee for the product and the consumer’s protection, without omitting the aesthetic impact.

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