20 February 2015

Heavier-weight materials to highlight a high-end image

Guala Closures UK have developed a range of premium Decorative closures, intended for major spirits’ brands, which benefits from heavier-weight materials and luxurious decorative finishings.

One of the new polymer materials which is especially innovative is cold to the touch for a ‘metal chic’ effect and heavy in the hand for a premium effect.

The closures can be designed to suit all brand/market requirements including EST, push-on and non-refillable versions. Robust material allows bulk packaging and automatic processing through bottling lines without scratches and dents.

The closures can also be metalized with a brand new metallization process which allows the deposit of conductive or insulating materials on every type of metals, ceramics or plastics.

Compared to the traditional metallization process, this new ‘cleanest’ technology presents multiple advantages:

–       the PVD (physical vapour deposition) technology means less CO2 emissions and waste

–       no use of chromium nor nickel

–       a higher quality of the film deposited thanks to an optimum adhesion to the under-layer

To put it simply, this new metalization technology is more resistant, cleaner, lighter and eco-compatible

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