8 April 2013


At the Gambero Rosso “Guide oils of Italy 2013” presentation, and then at the SOL event with awards handed out for the best extra virgin olive oils of the 2012 harvest (at Vinitaly in Verona) Guala Closures Group introduced two new products for olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil.

These two systems are patented: “Alusnap Oil”, the new Anti-closing plastic and aluminum aimed to protect the oil producers and consumers from refilling that could damage the reputation and image of the producers and damage citizens’ health; “Verso”, a plug designed for a uniform and controlled dosage.

Guala Closures, in line with the new “Save Oil” initiative against fraud and refilling oil in restaurants, has already helped make the product even safer by ensuring its contents’ safety by securing the closure against counterfeit. This is done using a mechanism composed of several elements of different materials and a system of valves that prevent any possibility of contamination, and then of fraud.

The Group also focus on making oil closures practical and comfortable, and facilitate everyday use of the products: the new closure “VERSO” is in fact the innovation of the year (patented in March 2013) with unprecedented performance for the consumer, as well as ensuring maximum protection of the quality of the product. The nozzle’s “drop size” shape, designed specifically for the oil’s viscosity, prevents drips on the bottle. The ability to close the bottle by retracting the nozzle allows you to enjoy all the benefits of closing.

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