31 October 2014

In 2014, Guala Closures Group offset 26,000 tonnes of CO2eq

Guala Closures Group offset 26,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent generated by its Italian production plants in 2013.

The offsetting project entailed a complex calculation of the emissions of CO2 equivalent generated by each Italian production plant over the year. The analysis was conducted using the TEA Tool, developed for Guala Closures by LCEngineering, which enables the carbon footprint of the Group’s production processes to be calculated.

The method adopted to calculate the carbon footprint of the production plants followed the guidelines contained in the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol” applicable to all organisations (companies, production plants, etc.)

The emissions were neutralised by purchasing and collecting 26,000 VCU (Voluntary Carbon Unit) credits through the carbon trading company Ecoway.

The credits belong to the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and are certified by TÜV NORD.

The 26,000 tonnes of CO2 offset correspond to Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (see below).

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol envisages the following three scopes of application for the calculation of the carbon footprint:

·      Scope 1 – direct emissions

These represent the direct emissions relating to the use of fuels by the company itself (direct combustion of fossil fuels or fuel used for vehicles, gas for production processes, fuel for other machinery).

·      Scope 2  – indirect emissions from energy consumption

These represent the indirect emissions of GHG resulting from the generation of energy imported and consumed by the company

·      Scope 3 – other indirect emissions

These represent indirect emissions from sources not directly owned or controlled by the company (production of raw materials, packaging materials, accessories, transport, waste management and disposal).


Scope 1 and Scope 2 encompass the emissions that can be controlled and managed by the organisation and they must be calculated.


Offsetting certificate

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