8 Marzo 2008

LIWF and DISTIL in London

From 8th till 11th April 2008

As every year Guala Closures Group took part in the prestigious exhibition held in London, the London International Wine Fair. This year among the novelties there was a special section dedicated to the spirits called Distil.
Moreover, at our stand it was possible to play a very funny game called “Wak the Koala” inspired by the UK game “Wack the Rat”. It consisted of two black, hollow tubes, one that leaned against the other and one that was vertically positioned. Somebody pushed down a big piece of polyester representing the TCA molecule present in the cork, from the top of the tube while at the other end, at the bottom of the tube there was one of the visitors waiting to hit the bad molecule with a wooden bat in the shape of our aluminium closure WAK. If the visitor succeeded in hitting the TCA molecule he won a bottle of wine, otherwise he received an anti-stress koala.
Many people from trade (Constellation, Pernod Ricard, Jean Jean and from the press Drinks Business and Harpers) tried it and had a lot of fun (as you can see from the pictures herewith attached).

The great success of WAK closures has been confirmed also outside Europe since last spring and among our new customers we can now count:
Portavin (Australia)
Zorgvlietwine (South Africa)
Nobilo (New Zealand) Constellation brand whose bottles are destined to the US market.

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