30 Giugno 2009

New sparkling wine screwcap is launched –

Adding to the ever increasing choice of wine closures, a new aluminium screwcap specifically designed for slightly sparkling wine has been created by the Guala Closures Group.

A cousin of their Divinum closure for still wines, Moss has a specially developed liner to maintain perfect carbonation levels for up to two bars without losing any of the product’s fresh flavours.

Brazil’s Salton Winery has adopted the closure for its new ‘Lunae’ Frisante range which will be exported world wide and since its launch several Argentinean producers have been using Moss for wines available on the domestic market.

Global Wine Co-ordinator Alessandro Bocchio says: “Moss is a very modern closure and therefore perfect for the fresh, young and light style of sparkling wine that countries all over the world are starting to produce”.

“The fact that Brazil’s largest sparkling producer has introduced Moss to their brand new Lunae Frisante range is testament to its benefits and suitability.”

Guala Closures Group produces more than eight billion closures a year, with 20 facilities in four continents.

The group branched into screwcaps in 2003 and has rapidly become the market leader, having ten plants in eight countries that produce aluminium closures for wine.

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