18 May 2018

“Opéra, the 2018 Collection” unveiled at Luxe Pack New York

For the 4th year Guala Closures Group participated in  exhibition – 16/17 May – the premier show for creative and luxury packaging in USA.

It has been a very successful edition for the Group, giving us the possibility to showcase our refined and impeccable closures shaped by the processing of different materials, such as Gravitas – a luxurious cool-to-touch metal feeling plastic – and wood, combined with metallization and embossed finishes.


The exhibition also gave us the opportunity to unveil “Opéra, the 2018 Collection”: a timeless collection which reinvents the world of closures, following the latest trends of design. Opéra combines authentic and eccentric materials, including exotic fabrics, feathers, cork, wood… , giving them a noble and contemporary touch.

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