14 June 2017

Social Reforestation Project in Colombia: discover our new video!

We are pleased to inform you that the new GCG video about the 2015-2017 Social Reforestation Colombia Project is now available on our YouTube Channel.

Guala Closures Group is concerned with the issue of greenhouse gases. Thanks to its sustainability Programme started in 2011, the Group achieved a reduction of its carbon foot print. In addition, each year, GCG supports local programmes of social reforestation, with a triple objective: CO2 emissions offsetting, improvement of quality of life of local communities through work and education and generation of income. These programmes are managed by the French NGO “Up2green Reforestation” and certified by Ecocert Environnement. After Peru (2012) and India (2013), GCG decided to invest in a 3 year reforestation project in Colombia (in Amazonas and the Andes). Entirely funded by GCG it has 3 objectives: compensate for 15,000 tonnes of CO2, generate income for the local populations, contributing in education and awareness of climate change.

The new Ipiales video tells about the second part of the Colombian Programme started in the Amazonas Region in 2015 and then developed in the Ipiales Mountains in 2016 and 2017. The local team of Guala Closures Colombia and the Up2green Reforestation team left Ipiales, in South West Colombia, and joined in the mountains the 4 involved indigenous communities, Muellamues Guachucal, Carlosama, Aldana and Cumbal. They met with the direct beneficiaries, who explained what they are doing, the different stages of their work, why it is important for their territory and all the benefits they receive from it. The video ends with the main figures for all reforestation projects supported by Guala Closures Group since 2011.

Moreover, this video is in the official selection for the best “Green films” of the year at the French “Deauville Green Awards Festival” which will take place on June 27/28. We’ll keep you posted!!

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