29 March 2018

The “craft” movement breaks through the spirits market

There’s a wave that spreads in the spirits’ market, after being a trend in the food and beer industry: it’s the “craft” trend, that includes the small spirits producers – obstinates, passionates, experts of herbs and raw materials – that often formed as self-taught. They stand out for a strong inclination towards experimentation and high quality and are often welcomed by “Millenials” and the consumers that find in these products all the values of authenticity, reliability, humanity and proximity to the place of production.

From this trend our new range was born: “SECRET GARDEN” has been presented at “ADI craft spirits Conference & Vendor Expo” held in Portland (Oregon, USA) on 27th and 28th March. The event, organized from the American Distilling Institute, has collected over 2000 producers of gin, vodka, whisky, rum and experts for two days of workshops, conferences and exhibition.

It has been a big opportunity for Guala Closures to welcome the visitors in our stand turned into a secret garden and show them the range of closures dedicated to the “craft” market, that include a lot of T-bar from different shapes and dimensions realized combining cork with different materials like Gravitas, wood, aluminum, plastics (horn, mother-of-pearl, stone…).

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