18 March 2016

The Prowein success doesn’t decrease

Once again from 13 to 15 March 2016 many stands and visitors from all over the world participated to the international fair leader for wines and spirits in Düsseldorf. More than 55.000 professional visitors, whose half from different countries, they could collect information  in the 6.200 stands.  

For the second year Guala Closures Group was at the Prowein to the “Packaging & Design” area, it was dedicated to the producing enterprises of innovative solutions for packaging namely closures, labels, glass…

The Group surprised visitors showing his offering “Wine Developers” with special effects, thanks to the using of an holographic theca on the stand. The Guala Closures’ proposal includes a wide range of screw caps for wine, infinite possibilities of decoration and a new range of liners on OTR controlled – ONYX, CORAL e IVORY by Oenoseal®.

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