26 July 2016


On Friday July 22th 2016 was held a study trip for a group of Oenologists from “Associazione Enologi Enotecnici Italiani” ¬†organized by Centroeno V & V in partnership with Guala Closures.

The first stop-over of the trip included a visit and tasting at the Bellavista winery in Franciacorta. Following Guala Closures hosted the group of Oenologists in its plant in Spinetta Marengo for a Group presentation with particular focus to the offer for the wine market, then visit of the production department, the Innovation Room and R&D department.

During a phone interview with Luigino Bertolazzi, president of “Assoenologi del Veneto Occidentale”, he said “The wine closures represent the final step of the winemaking process and are a strategic partner for the wine producers. The bottling wine is an extremely delicate step because, after closing the bottle with the cap, you can no longer intervene on the quality and stability of wine. That’s why visiting a company like Guala Closures for us winemakers becomes so essential. It is useful to see how is the production process of a screw closure which must guarantee the unalterability of the properties of wine after closing the bottle, which are the technological systems, the materials used for the production of a screw cap and to understand the policies sustainability of the company.

The screw cap today is an excellent solution for red and white wines. These locking systems are highly comfortable and versatile. They can handle the wine long life and using them does not happen any passage of oxygen, if not the one declared by the manufacturer “

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