Guala Closures Group is the world leader in the production of non-refillable closures and in anti-counterfeiting technologies, with 17 billion closures sold each year.


Technological innovation has provided spirits manufacturers with solutions that make the counterfeiting of packaging increasingly difficult, enabling them to protect their brand image.


Current solutions encompass an infinite number of non-refillable pourers with different levels of protection; non-refillable valve systems and tamper-evident systems.

We are able to design totally customised closures in an infinite range of colours, shapes, sizes and materials to meet the needs of customers and to enhance brand image.

Save the spirits

Counterfeiting is everywhere. Every day we come into contact with counterfeit products In the world of fashion, technology, music and cinema, luxury goods. And even spirits..
1 billion dollars
The value of counterfeited alcohol production in the world
The percentage of counterfeited or illegal spirits in the global market
The consequences of spirits counterfeiting are among the most serious. Apart from the economic damage, it causes serious damage to health and the death of tens of thousands of people every year.

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There’s a wave that spreads in the spirits’ market, after being a trend in the food and beer industry: it’s the “craft” trend, that includes the small spirits producers – obstinates, passionates, experts of herbs and raw materials – that often formed as self-taught.

They stand out for a strong inclination towards experimentation and high quality and are often welcomed by “Millenials” and the consumers that find in these products all the values of authenticity, reliability, humanity and proximity to the place of production.


From this trend our new range was born: “SECRET GARDEN”, that include a lot of T-bar from different shapes and dimensions realized combining cork with different materials like Gravitas, wood, aluminum, plastics (horn, mother-of-pearl, stone…).



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