Guala Closures has updated its procedures on whistleblowing, complying, among the others, with the changes introduced by the Directive (EU) 2019/1937.

The Guala Closures Whistleblowing Group Procedure  establishes the conditions, methods and terms, valid in all countries where Guala Closures is present, through which employees, collaborators and third parties may report, even anonymously, events or suspicions concerning unlawful conduct, violations of law and activities contrary to regulations, procedures or policies adopted by Guala Closures.

More information can be found in the Group Whistleblowing Procedure.

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In the management of the reports, Guala Closures undertakes to respect the principles of confidentiality, proportionality and impartiality, to recognize the good faith of the reporting parties and to guarantee their anonymity. Guala Closures will not tolerate any form of threat, retaliation or discrimination, even if only attempted, against whistleblowers.

Such reports can be made by employees, collaborators and third parties, through a dedicated software, available at the following button. 



Through whistleblowing platform allows all internal staff and stakeholders of Guala Closures to report alleged irregularities, violations, facts or conduct contrary to the Group's values, Code of Ethics and other internal regulations, Italian and European laws. Please read the notice in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 24/2023 before accessing the platform.

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Supervisory Body

For reports to the Supervisory Body write to the following email address: