The future of closures is here

We constantly experiment to create new solutions and invest in new technologies to design and produce the best closures on the market, offering a wide choice to our customers. All our production plants use advanced technologies and combine continuous research with the know-how of our R&D Centres, to create closures with a high technological content.

Our production processes

Roll-on technologies

Our aluminium roll-on closures are characterized by a very high production quality, which translates into maximum efficiency on bottling lines and offers versatility and adaptability in all application sectors. From wine to water, alcoholic beverages to oils and condiments, our range offers multiple solutions able to meet the needs of each sector.

We also offer extensive opportunities for customization and decoration, made through a wide range of decorative and printing techniques. This includes lithography, silk-screen printing as well as complex decorations that can combine multiple decorative techniques on a single closure.


Roll-on closures for wine


Roll-on closures for water and beverages.

Roll on oil

Roll-on closures for edible oil

Connected technologies

We use connected technologies to build a bridge between our closures and the digital world, opening new frontiers in marketing and also the safety of our customers.

Our connected closures combine the security of authentication with the connectivity of NFC and QR technologies, to create an unprecedented experience. We offer an additional comprehensive end-to-end support service for brand owners, including software, bottling line adaptations, digital content and activation. This enables the discovery of new dimension in the relationship between the product and the consumer.

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