Experience and innovation at the service of protection

Our closures make use of the best available security technologies, thus mitigating the risks of topping up or copying the packaging. Even in the riskiest markets, we protect your brand and the health of consumers from counterfeiting. Our offering is divided into multiple solutions, from the simplest closures with initial opening alert systems, to the most complex closures with valves to block fraudulent filling. They also include closures with sophisticated product authentication systems.

Counterfeiting: a growing phenomenon

Every year fraud in the wine & spirits sector causes serious loss and damage to those who operate honestly and respectfully along the entire supply chain. Unfortunately the phenomenon of counterfeiting continues to grow. It harms not only manufacturers and distributors, but also consumers who could end up buying low quality products or even products dangerous to health. This can contribute to a loss of confidence in the sector, to the detriment of the image and reputation of individual brands.

Counterfeiting can take place through a copy of the product packaging entering the market, which contains a fake product, or through the fraudulent filling of a genuine empty bottle with lower quality alcoholic beverages, in order to sell them as the authentic, higher quality product.

The best closures against counterfeiting

Based on many years of experience in safety closures for the beverage sector, we have developed safe and intelligent solutions, which can be used individually or in combination to guarantee the brand's image and to protect consumers.

    • Technological barriers that make the partial or complete reconstruction of the closure very difficult and expensive
    • Complex and difficult to reconstruct initial opening sealing systems
    • Special technologies to verify the authenticity of the packaging
    • Connection technologies that allow the consumer to uniquely verify the authenticity of the purchased packaging
    • Sophisticated valve systems, which combined with the difficulty of removing them from the bottle neck, make filling difficult, if not impossible
    • Strong aesthetic identification of the closure: it is another fundamental element against counterfeiting, as it allows the consumer to recognize the packaging as original