Stakeholders engagement

From dialogue to strategy

Relationship building, dialogue and collaboration with all our stakeholders are all part of the Guala Closures culture. The aim is to jointly develop commitments and projects, thus contributing to sustainable and inclusive growth.

stakeholder engagement

Key Stakeholders

The Group is aware that the environment in which it operates is constantly evolving. For this reason, regular, transparent and meaningful communication with stakeholders, whether they are shareholders, investors, customers, employees, suppliers or companies, is essential. This allows for responsible development, identification of common sustainability priorities and opportunities to work together towards common goals in an ever-changing regulatory and trend environment. In this way we minimize risks and identify business opportunities. This is possible only through continuous dialogue with stakeholders and understanding their interests.


Our topics

Our business and the effects of our activities on the environment and society constitute an extremely complex framework. To ensure effective management and communication of our operations, it is essential to accurately identify all areas in which we have impact or that influence our activities, both positively and negatively.

For this reason, during 2022 Guala Closures worked on new areas of materiality and subsequently published an "impact materiality list". This details a list of material issues, placed in hierarchical order, according to the frequency and severity of the impact, together with opportunities related to each individual issue. The issues identified are framed within the context of governance/economic, environmental and social topics.