From Italy to the world

From the production of the first closures in the Piedmont region to present day markets around the world, ours is a story of continuous innovation, team spirit and passion. This mix has allowed us to become leaders in our industry and to invent unique closures and solutions.

Today, we are a growing global Group, able to innovate while respecting the commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. We always aim towards the future.

Years 2020 / Today

Guala Closures S.p.A., a sole shareholder company held by Special Packaging Solutions Investments S.à.r.l. (an independently managed investment subsidiary of Investindustrial VII L.P.) currently has more than 210 intellectual properties. Our global leadership in the sector, and presence in over 100 countries, is able to meet the local production needs of customers


Acquisition of majority stake in Yibin Fengyi Packaging Co., one of the leading closures and boxes manufacturers in China operating within the high-end Baijiu market, the most reputable Chinese traditional liquor market


Definition of a new sustainability program “Sustainable Together 2030”, with specific targets for environmental, social and governance indicators


Acquisition of Labrenta S.r.l., a Vicenza based company specializing in high-end closures, to strengthen the strategic positioning in the luxury segment


Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, to underline the company's commitment to implement the 10 fundamental principles relating to human rights, labour law, environmental standards and the fight against corruption


Introduction of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Charter to support the elimination of all forms of discrimination in employment practices, both in recruitment and in the workplace


Guala Closures Deutschland is born, which strengthens the Group's presence in the sector supplying closures to the water market. A range of sustainable closures (Blossom Sustainable Closures) is launched, the result of the application of eco-design guidelines and the development of the partnership with Oceanworks®, for the supply of recycled plastic deriving from waste recovered from the oceans

The 2010s

Guala Closures expands its presence in international closure markets and introduces the Corporate Social Responsibility program, reinforcing the commitment to develop a sustainable growth model


Launched the line of connected closures (NěSTGATE)


New listing at the MTA (Mercato Telematico Azionario Borsa Italiana)


Establishment of the new company Guala Closures East Africa Limited (Kenya) and acquisition of United Closures and Plastics (UCP) in Scotland


Guala Closures South Africa is established


Guala Closures launches its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and acquires Metalprint in Magenta (Italy), a company specialized in lithography on flat aluminium plates


Guala Closures Bulgaria and Guala Closures DGS Poland are born

The 90s/2000s

Numerous initiatives are undertaken in the 90s, both in the production field, with the opening of the plant in Termoli, and in the social field. In 1998, the Guala family leaves the company and the Guala Closures Group is officially established.

With the beginning of the new millennium, new products are launched (consolidating the innovative DNA within the Group) and the path of international growth continues.


Guala Closures Technology Ukraine, based in Sumy (Ukraine), is founded


Inauguration of the new headquarters and production plant in Spinetta Marengo (Alessandria, Italy)


Opening of new sales offices in North America and France and new production facilities in New Zealand and Australia


Guala Closures is listed on the Italian stock market and subsequently in its STAR Segment


The Aluminium Division is born and Global Cap S.p.A. is acquired


The Guala Closures Group is born

The 70s/80s

Guala continues to grow internationally and to launch several ranges of products, some of which are very complex and able to offer increasingly sophisticated protection features. This is when the concept of a cap as an aesthetic element, as well as a protection, is born. This aspect, added to the design quality and timeliness of realization, proves to be a winning formula on the market.

The 50s/60s

In 1954, the adventure began in Alessandria, from an idea of Angelo Guala: to create and devise new products to bring to the market, with strong customer involvement, reworking new plastic materials.

In the midst of the Italian economic miracle, Guala takes off: the innovative "warranty closure" is launched, able to protect the product thanks to its non-refillability feature, and the first patented non-refillable closure models are produced. In addition, the first steps are taken outside the national borders, with initial supplies, destined for Scotland's whisky and spirits market.