13 November 2007

SIMEI exhibition in Milan

From 13th till 17th November 2007 Great success of two of our products during the exhibition held in Milan. Wak closure (gold medal and also Trophy winner , the highest awards in the competition of “Wine…

12 November 2007

Forum Innovation at Pernod Ricard Research Center in Paris

Pierre Pringuet, managing director Pernod Ricard visits the Guala Closures Innovation stand. We are proud to have been invited as the only closures manufacturer to the first Pernod Ricard Innovation Forum…

5 October 2007

Alessandria new plant & headquarters (Spinetta Marengo)

The new facility, constructed with cutting-edge technologies, and strong design statement, boasts a high level of automation, thanks above all to a new warehouse of 29,000 m3, 22.3 m tall and a highly technical, fully automated palletising system. The company paid particular attention to environmental issues, reducing the facility’s energy consumption by installing a system […]

30 July 2007

Counterfeit levels continue to rise

Counterfeit levels continue to rise
Last year 42.000 people died in Russia from drinking fake vodka, the level of counterfeit spirits is still growing everywhere in the world. In Asia the recent increased demand for premium western style…

15 July 2007

Brown Forman & Guala Closures: a very good and long-term partnership that results in prizes and awards for both

“Barrel Head” awards for Guala Closures Italy and North America! Guala Closures Group has been awarded the Jack Daniel’s Supplier Excellence Award for fiscal year 2007 (May 06 – April 2007)….

10 July 2007

Gentleman Jack Receives Top Prize in Package Design

Gentleman Jack, the premium brand of whiskey received the Overall Package Design award for its new Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey bottle. The Clear Choice awards are for glass. However, GJ received…

5 July 2007

Serious bottle shortage all over Europe

“..A shortage of glass bottles in Europe, estimated between 60 million and 1.5 billion, is reportedly making it difficult for vintners to take production to the next level. The reasons for the shortage…

4 July 2007

First 1031 closure for a local brand in Philippines

In the local market, dominated by standard cheap aluminium, the oldest local distillery Distilleria Limtuaco & Co in the Philippines has started to use the first NR plastic closure 1031 for their brandy…

2 July 2007

First NR Olive Oil closure 1031TE: Hurrah for Sicily!

A new product called “1031 TE olio” has been launched in the Italian market and it is destined to the high quality olive oil. Thanks to its non refillable system, the closure “1031 TE olio”…

1 July 2007

Simposio Sipal 07 – Columbia

Great success of Guala Closures Group wide range of safety closures during the simposio Sipal held in Bogota on 20th, 21st and 22nd June. The Sipal fair is an event hosted in different Latin American Countries…

1 January 2007

Guala Closures Group wins the 2006 WorldStar packaging award competition with its innovative wine closure WAK

The pre-eminent international award in packaging, WorldStar illustrates the continual advancement of the state of our packaging research. WorldStars are presented only to those packages which, having already won recognition in a national competition, are compared by an expert panel of judges to similar packages from around the world. Awards are based on the judges’ […]

1 January 2007

Great success of attendance at the annual wine fairs

This year GlobalCap was present at several fairs dedicated to wine. At the Mendoza Sitevi in Argentina (first input in Latin America); in UK for the International London Wine and Spirits Fairs (the heart of the screwcap acceptance) and in France for Vinitech (the first opening toward European traditional markets).

1 January 2007

Huge success for Round Table events

GlobalCap obtained a great success of interest at the Round Table organized at Lisbon, Portugal last spring , causing a real “earthquake” in the land of cork. The effect was replicated in Italy last month in front of journalists, wine makers and winery technicians. 2007 COMING FAIRS : Enovit (Lisbon 11-12.01.07) – Unified Symposium (Sacramento […]