“Luxury” closures


The range of closures for innovative, high level products. Achieved in a totally customised way according to customer proposal or plan.


From whiskey to vodka, from tequila to typical Chinese products, from mineral water to major wine labels, from international brands to the most prestigious local products, using the most advanced techniques of tampoprint, silkscreen, hot foil, offset, relief or negative embossing.



Passion is the soul of Luxury. The artisan dedicates themselves to the pursuit of perfection and their insatiable passion to create handmade treasures. As Luxury Closure Artisan our aim is to design impeccable closures that evoke desire herald a new frontier of memories, pleasure, and elegance.


In this world of excellence, we combine the finest materials and finishes to make your spirits unforgettable

  • Gravitas: a new patented material that bring together the versatily of plastic and luxury feel of metal material, enhancing end results.
  • Essence: an infinite range of shapes waiting to rest atop a custom closure made of high quality natural wood
  • Icon: combination of materials and technologies, including metallization and embossing, that give each closure a touchable appearance



Click here to visit the luxury website and download the catalogue  http://www.luxury-gualaclosures.com/