“Luxury” closures


The range of closures for innovative, high level products. Achieved in a totally customised way according to customer proposal or plan.


From whiskey to vodka, from tequila to typical Chinese products, from mineral water to major wine labels, from international brands to the most prestigious local products, using the most advanced techniques of tampoprint, silkscreen, hot foil, offset, relief or negative embossing.


Our luxury product range was created to follow a growing trend and, thanks to listening to our customers, to our ongoing efforts and know-how, we are proud to offer innovative, safe and outstanding closures suitable for all requirements:


  • Close To Your Tradition: a range of premium T-cork closures, from different heavyweight materials and with innovative finishes, that are ideal for traditional products with a strong heritage such as Whisk(e)y, Cognac and Rum.


  • Close To Your Mood: completely customizable safety (anti-counterfeiting) closures, with different levels of protection, which are becoming mandatory for a growing number of markets.


  • Close To Your Party: closures specifically intended for brands, particularly vodka and gin, in the On-Trade channel (eg. restaurants, clubs and bars) which are completely customizable while maintaining quick-serve usability.


  • Close To Your Fantasy: design-led closures ideal for limited edition products and featuring super-luxury finishes, produced in partnership with brand owners, leading glass manufacturers and design agencies.


For further info please visit http://www.luxury-gualaclosures.com/