“Sustainable” closures

Blossom, the sustainable revolution blooms

We believe that protecting the environment is a priority that cannot be further delayed in order to guarantee a future to future generations. The possibility of protecting our planet’s delicate balances which are increasingly suffering depends on ability to provide fast, actionable, and effective responses. Because of our global presence, we feel the responsibility to share a commitment that should bring companies at the forefront.


From this awareness comes our  “Blossom sustainable closures” project. Our lines of closures for wine, spirits, water, oil, and beverages, designed to drastically reduce the environmental impact in all phases of the production chain: from raw materials to disposal by the end user.


A commitment that has already been actioned through the use of increasingly sustainable raw materials and the development of four eco-design models shared by all our research and development centres in Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Luxembourg.


All having one single purpose: to create the perfect synergy between sustainability and quality needs, performance and customer’s image.

Blossom sustainable closures

The Blossom sustainable closures  were developed from four eco-design guidelines of Guala Closures:


DESIGN TO REDUCE: reduce the amount of resources and materials needed to produce closures
  • Bio Agave closures for spirits, produced using materials obtained from leftover vegetable fibres from the production of Tequila.
DESIGN TO FADE: prevent waste by choosing biodegradable polymers and using a few components that are easily removable
  • Closures with the use of PHB, a natural biodegradable polymer
DESIGN TO CHANGE: stop using exhaustible resources and adopt recycled materials or products from renewable sources
  • Spring closure for water, with tamper evident made with 100% Biobased plastic
  • Opera closure for spirits, T-bar  with wooden top, 100% recycled ABS plastic and agglomerated cork
  • Esteem and Halo closures, for spirits, produced with recycled plastics
  • Aluminium closures integrated with liners produced from renewable materials
DESIGN TO REVIVE: recover and recycle materials and closures
  • Greencap® closure for wine, with an entirely recyclable aluminium screw cap, which can be easily removed together with its skirt.
  • Safety closures for spirits, made with recyclable polyethylene.

More and more recycled materials

We work every day to increase the amount of recycled materials used in our production cycles:

  • recycled aluminium already used for the production of screw closures
  • plastic

– polymers derived from separate collection and from marine places and activities, to avoid their dispersion at sea

– polymers produced from renewable sources and biodegradable polymers