Our prerogative is to be aware of the needs of the customer, constantly present at his production lines to solve any problem in real time and to design customised solutions, in contact with managers, engineers, suppliers. The Guala Closures Group operates in over 100 countries through its own direct sales network, which boasts in-depth knowledge of the specific geographic area, and through its own technical assistance service.

Sales service

Guala Closures Group accompanies the growth of its customers in both European markets and in the rest of the world. The continuously expanding US market and the new emerging areas such as East Europe, Asia and Africa count on our Group, acknowledging our expertise and managerial ability.

Even new market segments, such as the wine industry in Australasia, Latin America and South Africa tuned to Guala Closures, seeking to develop new innovative solutions.


Our outstanding figures: 


Key account managers
Maintains permanent contacts with the key account staff at the headquarters or other strategic production facilities. Responsible for relations between the company and the customer and a point of reference for information on commercial relations.


Area sales managers
Manages customers, develops the local market through surveys and industry research, guarantees customer support in collaboration with R&D facilities, CTS and the Technical Service.


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Marketing department

In recent years, the spirits’ market has favoured brands, demonstrating a particularly positive trend at the high end of the market, known as “premiumisation”.


Brand products have gained full global market penetration, thanks to the consolidation of large-scale industrial enterprise and the ability of local companies to evolve. Certainty in terms of product quality, security in the service, innovative approach and image are the strengths of this success.


Category managers

Follows brand developments and trends, researches and implements new opportunities, analyses trade data for company management.


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Technical Service

Our customers are becoming increasingly demanding both during the follow-up stage and the launch of new products, often asking our Customer Technical Service (C.T.S.) for specialist assistance for the correct application of the closure. The Group has created a service exclusively dedicated to providing technical assistance, able to resolve all problems relating to the mismatch of cap and bottle.


The Guala Closures Group has always understood the importance of keeping these fundamental aspects under control to enhance the development of its products. In fact, it has created a network of highly specialised engineers that provide support on a daily basis to customers throughout the world.


This enables them to work in a wide variety of locations, with very different production processes and therefore to acquire unique experience, which can be exchanged by means of an internal network.


Customer tecnical service
Provides technical assistance to the customer for each individual order; it solves any technical problems and proposes solutions to improve product quality. It is the link between bottle suppliers and capping machine manufacturers.


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