Excellence, innovation and sustainability are the three key pillars of Guala Closures’ development strategy. During 2020, despite the impact on growth due to the Covid-19 emergency, the Group has proven to be based on a solid strategic foundation, as well as on extraordinary corporate values.


It was precisely by strategically looking to the future, that in 2020 we launched two major projects. The first one concerned the future of our products: we created our eco-design guidelines to support the development of new sustainable products. The second and crucial one was the launch of our “Diversity and Inclusion Charter”. We have placed at the centre of our growth our most precious asset: people.


Therefore we have decided to add to our three Group values “Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability”, a fourth one: “Diversity and Inclusion”.

Guala Closures’ commitment to sustainability began 11 years ago and after two programs (2011-2015 and 2016-2022), the time has come for a new approach, which will lead us to define together the 2022-2030 Sustainability Program.


Since September 2021 Guala Closures has joined in the United Nations Global Compact, thus confirming the sharing, support and application of its Ten Principles. The UN Global Compact is the largest corporate strategic initiative in the world. Its aim is the alignment of strategies and operations with universal principles of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


I am confident that the core values which are the foundation of our Group, together with the commitment to our people, our communities and our planet, will continue to guide our progress and our resilience.


  Chairman & CEO

Gabriele Del Torchio