Ten years ago, our Group committed to a sustainable development policy, with a first five-year program (2011-2015) and a second, in progress (2016-2022). 2020 changed our personal and professional lives, impacted our business, production and work methods, and the relationships between people. Of course, our number one priority was the health and safety of our employees and partners. We have succeeded in ensuring, wherever possible, a level of production capable of meeting the needs of our customers.


In this challenging context, many activities and investments planned as part of our sustainable development program had to be delayed. For this reason, we have decided to postpone the deadline for some of our goals. The global crisis has forced us, in an emergency, to disrupt our organization and our work life, with significant consequences on our private lives too. But it has shown us that we can grow, produce, be efficient by travelling less, working remotely, or making better use of digital technologies. We have had to adapt, innovate and be resilient. Once the crisis is over, not only will we not go back, but we will go further, faster.


We are working to define an ambitious and necessary 2022 – 2030 sustainable development program that meets the challenges that lie ahead. We will plan it around two fundamental pillars: our people and eco-innovation. Our people first. At the end of 2018, we initiated some extended reflection on the themes of Diversity and Inclusion. It resulted in the creation of our “Diversity & Inclusion” charter and was launched within the Group at the end of 2020. The charter defines our values, our missions and our objectives. We are committed to working together towards a common goal, using our differences to do good. Creating an environment where every single co-worker feels included will improve our performance and help create an inclusive, multi-cultural Group. Then, our environmental performance. Eco innovation will be an essential lever.


We created our new Eco-design guidelines, a fundamental starting point for designing and developing our future products and production processes. To carry out our program and achieve our objectives, we will engage the necessary economic resources, and we will strongly rely on our dedicated teams. And, starting this year, the evaluation of our managers will integrate individual environmental and social objectives into economic and industrial objectives. Thanks to all the Group’s employees, collaborators and external partners, who continuously contribute to our development and everyone’s fulfilment.



Let’s work sustainably with our differences.



Marco Giovannini & Franco Bove