22 May 2012


LIWF 2012 was the opportunity for the official launch of Viiva™, the world’s first screwcap closuref or full size (750ml) sparkling wine.

The ground-breakingViiva™ closure is suitable forup to 5GV(Gas Volume) liquid pressure and willkeep a sparkling wine’s correct level of carbonation for weeksafteropening- even when laid side-down in the fridge. Fully brand-able and stress-tested, it delivers numerous consumer benefits.

“Viiva™ brings all the advantages a still wine screwcap has over cork firmly into the sparkling arena,” commentsGuala Closures’ Simon Yudelevich. “It’s safe and easy to open and can be re-sealed without any damage to the quality of the fizz, which dramatically increases the opportunities for by-the-glass sales and drinking.”

Viiva™ also offers efficiency benefits to wineries, from eliminating waste caused by TCA contamination to streamlining the supply chain as only one product is used instead of the three needed for traditional cork closures (cork, muselet and hood).

The other important initiative presented at LIWF 2012 is that Guala Closures Group has confirmed its commitment to eco-responsibility by obtaining the top label from the certification body Ecocert Environnement for 500 million of its screwcaps in 2012.

The half a billion eco-responsible top screwcaps relate to the Divinium®,WAK® and Roll-On TE® brands produced at Guala Closures’ plants in Italy, Australia and New Zealand. They represent almost 20% of the estimated 3.5 billion wine screwcaps produced in total around the world.

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