Guala Closures acquires 100% of Plastivit

Guala Closures, worldwide leader in the production of non-refillable closures for spirits has acquired 100% of the business of Plastivit, a Spanish manufacturing closures company (former licensee of Guala Closures) with facilities in Barcelona and Veracruz (Mexico).

The acquisition is part of the strategic plan of the Group to consolidate its business in Europe, with the aim of optimizing the capacity of production facilities on the Continent and, at the same time, increasing its presence in the Caribbean, the area served by the establishment of Veracruz.

Plastivit acquisition represents the third acquisition of Guala Closures in the last 12 months. The Group has acquired Danik, a Bulgarian company active in the manufacture of injection molds for plastic resins, components and closures for the spirits industry in May 2010; Guala Closures has also acquired a plant for aluminum coating and printing in Magenta (MI) in July 2010, deciding immediately an extension for a new facility, which will be the first in the world of packaging to abolish the use chromium for metal degreasing, thus ensuring an environmental impact to the minimum levels guaranteed today.

Guala Closures Group closes the year with a sales increase in sales over 19%.