28 November 2014


The Wine Developers value proposition is a global offer developed by Guala Closures Group for wine producers : the largest range of screwcaps, endless possibilities of decoration and customisation, a local service fully integrated in global network and a sustainable approach.

Wine Developers now also includes a new range of liners  with different levels of oxygen permeability rates  for the wine industry, developed through a partnership with MGJ.

Guala Closures Group and Lyon-based MGJ (Manufacture Génerale de Joints) have worked for the last 2 years to develop the Oenoseal® branded technology which extends across all the Guala Closures screwcap family for wines.

The range currently comprises:

  •  Oenoseal® ONYX® – with an aluminium layer to ensure maximum impermeability to oxygen.  Designed for delicate white wines and aromatic rosés, with a liner that better ensures sulphite-free wines.
  •  Oenoseal® IVORY® – ideal for white, rosé and red wines that require a low, but regular, supply of oxygen (nano-oxygenation).  Specifically enables the amount of free SO2 to be reduced when bottling.
  •  Oenoseal® CORAL® – designed for white, rosé and red wines which require a more significant supply of oxygen (nano-oxygenation) and enables the avoidance of reduction problems for wines with high tannin levels.

“Not only can producers now take advantage of the wide and available range of screwcaps that we offer under our Wine Developers platform, including all the branding customization that our patented technology allows  but they can now also select the exact liner for the exact wine. And all without changing the settings on their bottling lines” comments Marco Giovannini, CEO and Chairman at Guala Closures Group.  “We’ve taken our time to make sure the Wine Developers concept is just right and offers the high performance that our customers have come to expect from our screwcaps.”


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