Guala Closures SpA awarded by CONAI

CONAI award

November 2018: the fifth edition of the "CONAI competition for prevention, enhancing the environmental sustainability of packaging" was held in Milan. 

This contest, promote by the italian CONAI ("Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi)", with the support of the Environment Ministry, recognize the most innovative and eco-sustainable packaging solutions placed in the market in two-year period 2016-2017. It was opened to all member companies that have reviewed their packaging acting on at least one of the following: reuse, facilitation of recycling activities, saving on raw materials, use of recycled materials, optimization of logistics, streamlining of the packaging system and production processes.

The 104 cases (out of 161 presented) of packaging innovation archived an effective reduction in the environmental impact of packaging measurable in the reduction of: 25% of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, energy consumption by 23 %, and in the 26% water savings. The cases included the concrete implementation of 212 different prevention actions: the most frequent is the saving of raw materials (43% of cases) followed by the optimization of logistics (18%).

36 awarded cases were appears also Guala Closures, it is on the list with aluminium closures for the beverages segment with a score (4) for ease of recycling.