28 March 2017

ProWein 2017 Düsseldorf

Also this year Prowein Düsseldorf, the leading international fair for wines and spirits in the world (19-21 March) was a very successful expo, attracting record numbers, with more than 58,500 visitors ( 3000 more than in 2016) and more than 6000 exhibitors from 60 different countries.
Guala Closures Group, like every single year has focused on its offer of closures for the wine world by giving special attention to premium solutions for high-end wines.
Among these, a special highlight was put on the Wak and Savin Premium, two closures that particularly lend themselves to those who are interested in the aesthetics of the bottle, these closures allow a decoration on a totally linear surface which remains smooth even after the application on the bottle.

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