10 November 2015

Screwcaps workshop @ SIMEI 2015

A workshop about the aluminum screwcaps for wine has been organized at the SIMEI Exhibition the 4th November 2015.

The workshop, organized by EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association), has been opened by Guido Aufdempkampf – Executive Director EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association), features three experts:

  • Alessandro Bocchio – General Manager BU Wine Italy for Guala Closures Group, with a speech entitled: “Market trends and consumer preferences”;
  • Gino Schiona – CiAl General Manager (Aluminium Packaging Consortium) with a speech entitled: “The recycling of aluminum and aluminum closures in Italy”;
  • Gianluca Morino – winemaker, owner of Cascina Garitina and blogger, with a speech entitled “Innovation at the service of tradition”, how you rise the awarness about the  adoption of innovative solutions for a traditional product like wine, also through the use of social media.

The workshop, which has been attended by a large audience, was a useful moment to  better understand the benefits and the quality of screwcaps, to bring innovation and to educate the consumer in changing the traditions, essential for the use of this kind of closures.

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