We believe in a changing world

Creating innovative shapes, exploring new opportunities, setting up integrated projects able to overcome traditional aesthetic canons, to offer winning products in an increasingly competitive market.


The Guala Closures Group forges valid partnerships with the marketing offices and PR consultants of its customers, it is a forerunner in research as regards next generation technologies, the most innovative materials and new frontiers of design. With a single objective: to identify new brand image trends, guaranteeing the highest level of product protection.


Investing in research, exploiting our capacity, building innovation.


Maintaining leadership in a continuously evolving market imposes demanding strategic choices. The Guala Closures Group has always succeeded in anticipating the future to establish new quality standards for the market, through continuous research. The Research and Development facility located at the head office in Alessandria boasts over ten years of expertise; the Group is expanding its design capacity at international level, in an industry where experience and skills are still key success factors. A development model that maintains its strengths by working with customers and with leading university research institutes throughout the world.


4 R&D Facilities
Italy, Scotland, Mexico, Ukraine


1 Technological Innovation Center



25 researchers
Over 20 new products developed in 3 years


Over 80 international patents registered in the field of product protection.


Guala Closures Group has always used the latest technologies in both Research and Development (R&D) and in production.
In terms of research and development, on the strength of over 60 years of experience in the safety closures sector, safety systems with an extremely high technological content are analysed and designed, using know-how matured from extensive experience in this sector: laser, infrared, microchip, RFID applications etc…


With the support of several trade consortia and universities, the R&D department also explores innovative solutions for new types of material and treatments, such as for example new paints for the surface treatment of plastic and aluminium.


Highly sophisticated machines are used in all production departments (pressing, assembly and decoration).


Furthermore, the Group has always been very aware of environmental issues and, with the objective of making the production process increasingly environmentally friendly. Guala Closures has actually set up an energy-saving programme that involves all of its plants (30 in 5 continents).


One of the most important initiatives regards the conversion of hydraulic presses into electric presses.

Additional protection through patents

Guala products are protected by over 170 patents spread worldwide.

Its considerable focus on innovation, which has characterised the Group since its foundation, has always been accompanied by a policy which seeks to enhance and protect intellectual property. In fact, the patent is the only effective tool to protect innovation from infringements and imitations.


This aspect is extremely important due to the type of products that Guala Closures makes, because in this way the originality of our customers’ products is also protected.


The majority of our patents regard the tamper-evident systems featured on our products, systems that show the first time the bottle has been opened and make their reconstruction or imitation extremely difficult.


The exclusive technical solution adopted for Guala Closures products acts as a guarantee for our customers that the packaging of their products is protected from easy imitations or the use of the original container for later reinsertion in the distribution chain.


A policy aimed at obtaining and preserving a portfolio of patents stimulates the innovative and creative skills of our engineers/research staff.


In fact, the more importance the company places on patents, the more our research team become aware of the fact that their authorship is to their merit.