The environment

Guala Closures Group,  as a large international organisation, seeks to meet the expectations of its stakeholders by reporting on its commitments and on the environmental performance of its business activities and by undertaking to manage them in a responsible way.


The scarcity of natural resources, pollution, and climatic change are extremely important issues for Guala Closures , which influence a large part of the company’s strategic decisions.


Back in 2008, Guala Closures issued an  Environmental Policy Document , which reiterates its commitment to ensure that environmental sustainability will play a key role in operational planning and in the management of all of the Group’s business activities worldwide.


Guala Closures intends to gradually extend the application of the ISO 14001 standard to all of its operations. At the end of 2014, 3 production plants (12%) had obtained this certification for their environmental management systems with a view to continuous improvement. The approach recommended by the ISO 14001 standard facilitates the continuous control of environmental performance.


Monitoring the Group’s environmental policies focuses on 6 highly important environmental indicators: energy consumption, raw materials employed, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste production and transport, for which short, medium and long term objectives for improvement have been established




The social dimension

Guala Closures has adopted a Code of Ethics since 2008, which represents the “Company Constitutional Charter”. A charter of the rights and the moral duties, which states the ethical-social responsibilities of the Company and of every member of the organisation. Through the Code of Ethics, Guala Closures Group establishes and specifies the values and the principles that guide the Group’s activities and its relations with employees, consultants, customers, suppliers, shareholders, institutions and all other stakeholders.

Guala Closures Group focuses on three priorities:

Health: to protect the health and safety of its employees;

Training: to carefully manage career paths through continuous training;

Diversity: to respect and safeguard diversity, it operates and manages its employees respecting their cultural differences. Over the year, we have diversified rapidly and expanded geographically on a large scale.

The over 4,000 Group employees (as at 31-12-2014), come from 5 continents, from regions and cultures that are very different to each other. We are working to ensure that this diversity increasingly becomes a strength, a growth and success factor for our company.


In production and commercial terms, Guala Closures Group’s presence covers over 100 countries worldwide: from the large markets in the Western hemisphere, to small and large emerging and developing countries. Guala Closures commitment is to have a positive impact on all of the communities in which it operates, extending its values of social responsibility to all levels of the company and to the external organisations it works with.
In all of these various spheres, as well as its important role from a business perspective, the Group also promotes and implements targeted projects in three different areas.
It works with local companies, in particular with small-scale manufacturers, to enhance the specific nature and the quality of their products, which, in many cases, represent the tradition and culture of the country.
It adopts strict rules of conduct in relations with its employees, complying in full with the various legislations and, implementing its own initiatives which, particularly in developing countries that have no laws, acknowledge workers’ rights, the most important of which is to abolish child labour.
It sets up tangible projects in collaboration with the institutions of the various countries, to contribute to remedying situations of hardship and to help the weaker brackets of the population.

The economy

Being a world leader in the aluminium closures market means creating value, profit and growth to meet the expectations of investors. This objective can be achieved in a responsible way, by also contributing to the development of local economies; Guala Closures Group has set itself several key economic objectives:

1. To consolidate and develop its leadership position at international level.

2. To continuously develop research, innovation and product quality, anticipating the markets.

3. Growing means identifying and responding to the business risks and opportunities linked to sustainability.

4. To partner up with customers to design new products.

5. To fight against counterfeiting.

sustainable research & development

Guala Closures is at the cutting edge of research and development; with 4 research centres in Italy, UK, Mexico,Ukraine and 1 Technological Innovation Center  in Luxembourg, it works to constantly develop new products and technologies, assisted by a team of international researchers, which means we can maintain high levels of quality and leadership worldwide. We hold the record for the number of patents registered in our sector. The challenge for Guala Closures is to continue to grow, also by innovating in the direction of sustainability at international level, increasingly in partnership with customers and university research facilities.