Since the beginning of its commitment, the Group’s responsibility has been focussed on three pillars:

  • Helping to preserve our planet
  • Developing all the conditions for the well-being of its employees
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and not diverting attention from the customer


We have been measuring and analyzing the performance of our sustainability Programme by means of a series of key indicators and objectives.


Guala Closures’ first Sustainability Programme (2011-2015) closed in 2015 with an extremely positive balance sheet.

Of the Group’s 21 set objectives:

  • 17 objectives achieved and often outperformed (9 Environmental, 3 Social, 5 Economic)
  • 3 objectives partially achieved (1 Environmental, 1 Social, 1 Economic)

1 objective not achieved (1 Environmental)


In 2016, Guala Closures Group released its “Working together for sustainable growth” Programme for the period 206-2022.


A table complete with the figures for the 21 objectives identified for 2016-2022 and their status can be downloaded.